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We’ll post info about Kickboxing and the striking arts in Keswick here.

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Getting in Shape Before Training Martial Arts

Getting in Shape Before Training Martial Arts A common problem that we’ve heard for YEARS has to do with getting in shape before coming in to the gym to train. No matter what the class we offer (MMA, Kickboxing, Jui-Jitsu, etc.) we’ve heard the same thing for years. A high quality gym will have different…

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Why You Have to Actually Try Out a Martial Arts Gym for Yourself

A Martial Arts Gym is one of those things you have checkout for yourself. You can send a friend to pick up milk for you from the store. You can have your spouse pick up the dry cleaning. You can even have items sent to you from a website right to your door so that…

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Choosing the Right Gym for Training

No matter what type of training you are interested in, one of the most important steps is finding the right gym or place to do it. Some people like to invest the time, money, and space in building a training area in their own homes. This is not an option for everyone and the equipment…

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Muay Thai Kickboxing Article on Patterns and Predictability

Hey Everyone, I wrote a muay thai kickboxing article for a major website the other day and just wanted to throw up a link to it right here. This blog is about muay thai kickboxing but relates to all combat sports (especially striking) and is about “Exploiting Patterns and Predictability” in another athlete. Here’s a…

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