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Back to the gym in Keswick.

Getting Back to the Gym as an Adult

Most people are aware of the worldwide issue of obesity. But even for people of relatively normal weight, there is another problem that is rarely discussed but may be just as serious. That problem is inactivity, and it is a growing concern. When people are in-active for too long it can make getting back to…

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weight loss with kickboxing.

Weight Loss Through Combat Sports

Pick up any magazine, read any website, or just talk to any group of people weight loss for long enough and you will be bombarded by ideas. These include suggestions, and products all meant to help you lose weight. As anyone can tell you, pills, powders, potions, shakes, and supplements will not do it. What…

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Metabolism diet boost to burn more fat.

Metabolism Diet Supercharge – How To

Metabolism Boost A Metabolism increase is something anyone could add to most any meal plan and experts agree it has great benefits. Some of our Battle Girl Bootcampers experience difficulty with their meal plans and there are many reasons why this could happen. Our Coaches will always work with each student to do absolutely everything…

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lose lbs

Drink Away and Lose lbs

  I was reading an article from Men’s Health a while back and it had tips on what to drink to lose lbs. Your body needs fluids and, although many articles will talk about what NOT to drink in order to loose lbs…- The average person consumes seven hundred and fifty liters of liquid a…

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