Welcome to Keswick's own Rumble Martial Arts. Georgina's Premier MMA Gym

Store front street view of Rumble Martial Arts Gym in Keswick Georgina Ontario.

Try us Out for 30 Days Absolutely Free and Discover how Your Neighbors are Learning Self-defense, Having fun Getting in Amazing Shape and Feeling Better than Ever Before!!

We Have Many Programs to Choose From

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Sometimes people aren't sure if Martial Arts training is for them so we offer 30 Days Free to try us out!

We believe in our Programs so much that we know that if we can just get you in the door you'll realize what an amazing workout you'll have which will get you in amazing shape while learning a life-improving skill. Everyone should train Martial Arts - It's not only crazy fitness and gets you in the best shape of your life, you're also learning a practical skill and classes are always fun and engaging which keeps you from getting board and moving towards your goals. This is a great sport and the best Self-defense out there and we hope you try us out!

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Fresh Zebra Mats cleaned before grand opening in Keswick.

Here's a photo taken from the small mats at the back of our gym in Keswick after our Zebra Mats were cleaned. This picture is before the Grand opening. We now have Mats all over the Walls and a couple of other toys. 🙂

Rumble Martial Arts and Fitness in Keswick Ontario