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Getting Back to the Gym as an Adult

Most people are aware of the worldwide issue of obesity. But even for people of relatively normal weight, there is another problem that is rarely discussed but may be just as serious. That problem is inactivity, and it is a growing concern. When people are in-active for too long it can make getting back to the gym harder and harder with each passing day. According to Statistics Canada, nearly fifty percent of the population ages 12 and up are inactive. One quarter of these people reported that they sat “most” of the day. Sadly, 41% were getting less than one hour of walking during the week while going to work or school or running errands. This adds up to far too many people doing far too little to keep themselves healthy, and that must change.


back to the gym funny pic.Getting up and off the Couch and Back to the Gym


There are a lot of reasons that an adult may find it hard to get back to the gym and in the groove of being active. Some of these reasons can be valid, but many of them are only excuses to avoid hitting the pavement and actually moving. Here are some of the most common:


  • I don’t have time.
  • I don’t like to sweat.
  • I don’t know if I am healthy enough for exercise.
  • I don’t know how to get started.
  • I am not sure what I like to do anymore.


None of these are the type of excuse that could be considered valid. You can and should make time for exercise in your life. A little bit of sweat never hurt a soul. If you are concerned about your health, see your doctor before you get started. There are very few cases where the doctor will say “no exercise for you.” Talk to active friends and family to find out what they like. See if anything sparks some interest for you, and then get started.


Your First Day at an MMA Gym


So you have decided to try mixed martial arts because you have always enjoyed watching the matches. Your first day at the gym should not include any sparring (actual moves with an opponent) but rather should be a one-on-one time with an expert trainer who will go over the basics with you. From this, it will help see just where you are in terms of flexibility, balance, strength, and overall conditioning. That way a proper training suggestion can be made for you based on where you are now and where you want to be. Other things that you might go over on that first day could include:


  • What to wear in the gym – Some gyms offer uniforms, while some do not.
  • What the best shoes are – Some disciplines are better learned while barefoot, but not everyone is comfortable that way.
  • What type of equipment or other items that you might need, such as water bottles, gym bags, and other things – Some things might be good if they inspire you but are not always necessary.


The instructor might also go over how much training you should be doing per week. Some beginners get caught up in their efforts and then overdo it. Don’t go from couch potato to gym rat in one week. Set a reasonable goal, and then build up as you improve your health.

back to the gym and didn't die.

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