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Getting in Shape Before Training Martial Arts

Getting in Shape Before Training Martial Arts

A common problem that we’ve heard for YEARS has to do with getting in shape before coming in to the gym to train.

No matter what the class we offer (MMA, Kickboxing, Jui-Jitsu, etc.) we’ve heard the same thing for years.

A high quality gym will have different levels of programs for students to choose from and these levels are set up for students to come in at any level and start training.

This issue almost always only happens with Adults and guys in particular. Women do the same but it’s almost always adult guys that are interested in training.


getting in shape goergina ontario.Here are some reasons to start training now rather than Getting in Shape to go to the gym:

  • Everyone Else is New Too: Sometimes people are worried about be “the new student” and “not knowing anything. Everyone doesn’t know anything when they first start. Slash (guitarist from Guns n Roses) didn’t know how to play when he first picked up a guitar and Georges St. Pierre didn’t know how to fight when he first stepped into the gym as well. One nice thing though is that Intro classes are filled with beginners that are all new to the techniques and getting in shape so you’re in good company.
  • Conditioning that Builds with You: A Intro class has conditioning that is meant for getting in shape. When your conditioning gets to a certain level the classes build up with you again. The best part is that you’re getting in amazing shape and don’t even notice the hard work because you’re having fun and learning a new skill.
  • Learning Essential Techniques: Every sport and skill is built upon fundamentals and every tall building has a strong foundation. An intro class is also filled with essential techniques and fundamentals that are the most important skills to learn. While you’re getting in the best shape of your life you’re also building a foundation of MUST KNOW techniques and skills. This skill building will grow as you’re getting in shape and soon you’ll move on to the next level program.
  • Becoming Part of the Team: A quality combat sports gym is like a family and when you walk into the gym you’ll start meeting new friends and teammates.
  • Having a Reason for Getting in Shape: The “shine” can rub off of everything in life and when it comes to getting in shape I’m sure every adult has, at one point or another, paid for a gym membership and never gone. I’ve done this before. Training combat sports and martial arts gave me a reason and motivation to come every day and was a very welcome change from going to a traditional gym to run on the “hamster-mill” and just picking things up and putting them down. I was learning a practical skill and something that I wanted to do my whole life; I didn’t start training until I was 21.


So, I hope this helps with those that thing that they need to get in shape before they start training. With a quality gym they’ll set you up for success with an Intro program to start getting in shape and building your skills. It’s the first step on a lifelong journey of health, fitness and skills.

Try Rumble Martial Arts Intro MMA Class out for 30 Days absolutely Free with nothing to sign or buy. If, at the end of 30 days you’re not convinced, you can walk away no questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If that’s not enough, we’re also offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for our Intro MMA program to make it even easier for you to step in the door. If you give us a fair shot for 60 Days and, again, you don’t think we’ve done anything for you then you’ll get YOUR MONEY BACK!

Either give us a call right now at 905-476-6621 to set up your first free 1 on 1 intro lesson and/or search our site for the program you’re interested in and opt-in to our email list to receive more information.

getting in shape keswick.

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