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Keswick Martial Arts Coach Travel Vlog from IBJJF European Championships in Portugal

Keswick Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor headed over to Lisbon Portugal for the IBJJF European Championship (The Euros).

He trains and teaches at Rumble Martial Arts in Keswick Georgina Ontario. Keswick Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu , Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts  – Call anytime and ask about our 30 Day Risk Free Trial. 905-476-6621 or visit the website at




I went over for the IBJJF Euros this year and, whenever I travel by myself, I always keep a Snapchat Journal to document things I do but mostly to keep me company.

Traveling with Snapchat is a great companion as I can share my story, adventures and jokes with friends back home and have a memories to look back on.

This video is of my first 4 days there. The IBJJF European Championships is one of the 4 “Majors” that goes on during the Calendar year and is the first one to kick off the year starting in January. It’s a week-long event.

Unfortunately the IBJJF never knows when you’re going to compete until about the night before so planning travel is always a pain. I booked a flight Sunday night (Toronto time) and was planning to sleep on the flight and get to Portugal Monday morning and just hoped that I wasn’t scheduled to compete Monday morning.

I didn’t sleep on the plane and, up to the tournament time, spent the week killing time and only able to see a couple of sights.

I landed in Lisbon Portugal, checked out a couple of quick things in Lisbon and then headed over to where I was staying in Cascais Portugal. Cascais was a much cleaner and nicer area and I’m glad I ended up staying there instead of in Lisbon. It’s only a 20min drive to Lisbon and the Tournament.

It’s always rough going somewhere as nice as Portugal but not being able to take too much advantage of what’s around when the priority is to stay rested, relaxed, on weight and ready to compete.

On the first day I ran around Lisbon and then Cascais for a bit. Tuesday and Wednesday was just relaxing, getting some supplies from the grocery store and trying to get my sleep back on track.

Every day I went for a run and/or did some exercise to keep moving and stay loose.

Thursday I was actually able to go out and do some sight-seeing along with getting some active exercise.

On Thursday in Portugal I went to Quinta da Ribafria in Sintra which was an amazing place to check out. I explored there for about 4 hours. It was all free, I got a good hike/run in and didn’t see a single soul the whole time I was there. It’s filled with a lot of old arcatecture, art and even an Orange Grove.

After that I went deeper into Sintra Portugal which felt a lot like a “Niagara on the Lake” on steroids and seemed like a very picturesque town with a very European feel. I’ve never heard of this town before but it seemed like a great place to spend a whole day.

While over in Sinta I was able to go to the Sintra National Palace.

Keswick Martial Arts Portugal Travel Sintra Palace

I found that Portugal shuts down EARLY. At 5pm everything is dark almost everything is closed. Very important to get up early to get things done around here.

To cut weight, I trained hard and the week of competition I drank at least 8 liters of water a day to Water-Load, cut out Sodium 3 days before, and cut out dairy 1 day before.

This was one of the easier weight cuts that I’ve done over the years as I had a lot of focused time since I was there by myself for 4 days before competing.

I finished Thursday already on weight and I went to sleep with my sweat suit on so I could have some water in the morning with plenty of time for it to absorb into my system for the tournament.

I’ll be uploading more videos from this trip as well. I don’t have any footage of my matches but I won my matches to make it into the finals but lost by 2 points in the finals. It was great being able to take home the Silver Medal though and then really explore Portugal.

Stay tuned for those videos coming soon.

The videos (click here) definitely do a better job of telling the story than this blog post haha.

I teach and train at Rumble Martial Arts in Keswick Ontario. Rumble Martial Arts is the number one source for Brazilian JiuJitsu in Georgina with the highest level of instruction in the area. Master Steve Lin is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and I’m also a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while also being an expert in Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Competing in Combat Sports over the years has allowed me to do what I love. Train, travel, staying healthy and active while continuously learning and developing.

Rumble Martial Arts in Keswick Ontario offers a 30 Day Free Trial as well. There’s nothing to sign or buy. Try us out for 30 Days Absolutely Risk Free and, if at the end of 30 Days you’re not convinced, just walk away no questions asked.

Hope to see you on the Mats!

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