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8 Things To Look For In An MMA Gym

MMA Gym and 8 things to look for


You’ve decided that you want to test your mettle and look just as badass as the guys and gals you see fighting in the UFC so you’re looking to train at an MMA Gym.


But first, you’ll need to find a good gym where you can learn all the skills that go into being a good MMA fighter – and there are quite a few. Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, BJJ…to be a complete fighter, you’ll need to know something about every discipline.


To find an MMA gym that you like, you will have to visit a few and try them out. Don’t settle for the closest, the cheapest or the first one you go to. Instead, check them out online first and decide which ones you’d like to visit. Then contact them and ask to join one of their training sessions.


Let’s get into how you can pick the right MMA gym for you:


1. Define your goal


Do you want to become a world-class professional fighter, or do you just want to get some exercise while feeling like you can defend yourself? Your goal will determine your choice of the gym. If you are someone who is seriously considering competing, you should find a gym who has competitors and has trainers that have competed themselves. On the other hand, if you’re looking to break a sweat a few times a week, your standards don’t need to be as high.


2. Sparring


Do you like getting hit in the head and kicked in the legs? I sure don’t, but the reality of proper martial arts training is that you’re going to have physical contact. You need to decide what degree of that is acceptable to you. If you can’t afford to show up with a black eye at work, full contact sparring is probably out of the question (unless you have really, really good head movement). Also, not all martial arts sparring is equal: grappling arts like wrestling and jiu-jitsu are generally safer, as you’re not getting hit in the head.


3. Disciplines


What disciplines does the gym offer? Do they have one trainer who is a jack of all trades and does everything, or do they have specialized coaches for each discipline? This goes back to your goals: if you want to get really good, you’re going to need coaches that specialize in different areas, as well as a coach that can connect them all together.


4. Attitude


When you walk into the gym, do you see people smiling, or are they serious? Is the head coach friendly? What is the general attitude? A good gym should have a relaxed atmosphere, not a confrontational one. People go there to improve and help others improve, not to take out their frustrations on others. Those things and your ego need to stay off the mats, and if you sense that a gym has a lot of hot heads, you might want to reconsider joining it. In general, the gyms with the better attitude will also be the gyms with better fighters.


5. Convenience


How close is the gym to you? Will you have to drive an hour to get there or is it right across the street? Know that there will be days when you won’t feel like going: having a gym close will give you less of an excuse. Are the times of the classes convenient? If you’re going to miss 3 out of 4 sessions, you might want to look for a gym that doesn’t have a scheduling conflict with your work or life in general.

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6. Instructors


Who are they? What is their background? Have they competed? Essentially, why are they qualified to teach? Ideally, a great trainer was a fighter himself, although he wasn’t necessarily the best. Look them up online and see if you can find their credentials. For example, it is very easy to find out if someone is really a black belt in BJJ. In karate, it is much harder. When you come to try out, ask them questions. They should be comfortable answering them and explaining not just the how, but also the why of each technique.


7. Facilities


Does the gym have all the equipment necessary (punching bags, mats, perhaps a ring or an octagon, a weight room,…)? For example, a boxing gym shouldn’t have trainings on a hardwood floor, they should have mats. Is it clean? Do they provide locker rooms, showers, etc.? These are all things that are not necessarily a sign of a good or a bad gym, but they make training much more enjoyable.


8. Price


MMA gyms in general are not the cheapest ones, and if you want quality, you will have to pay for it. However, make sure that the value you will get matches the price. If you have done your research on all the points above, you should have a fairly good idea of the cost in the gyms you went to. Deciding solely on price is not a good way to do it: low monthly cost doesn’t mean a bad gym, and vice-versa. Decide first to which gyms you’d most like to go, and then factor in the price.


Have fun


There you have it: follow the tips above and you’re likely to find an MMA gym that you will be able to train at for a long time. And that’s the ideal situation – being a part of a group that grows together with you and encourages you is incredibly powerful, both for your fighting skills and your confidence.


When you come to the gym to try out a class, make sure you bring appropriate clothes (short and a T-shirt will be fine), equipment if you have any (if you don’t, ask at the gym, they should have a few spare pieces) and a smile.


At first, the regulars might give you a bit of attitude, the coach might work you a bit harder, but it should all be in good fun. Trust your instincts and decide accordingly.


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