7 Ways to Choke a Man Unconscious: #1

Standing Guillotine Choke - Defensive

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The Standing Guillotine Choke:

This is the first video because this standing Guillotine is a bread-and-butter move used in the UFC and VERY effective in the street.

This is a move that’s been around since fighting was invented because it’s the most natural and common (still to this day) action that people do to each other in a fight; it’s a headlock.

However, it’s a headlock with an angle that can render someone unconscious and can even kill them with very little effort.

Doing security for 10 years I can assure you that going to the ground is not a good idea. Most people don’t go to clubs or parties by themselves and if I, the security staff (or a drunk guy), took your drunk friend to the ground and you were also drunk, what do you think your heard of friends are going to do? Especially if you saw someone ripping on your friends neck with a choke.

I’ve seen many times, bus-boys mopping up blood by the bar because a guy ended up on the ground and the other guys friends stomp his face in.

In this first video I show you a couple of key details to finish this choke on anyone.

In a future video I'll show two of my personal secret tips (in a video on a Offensive Standing Guillotine) that will double the pressure on this choke making it a devastatingly powerful body-dropping weapon.

Keys to Success:

  • Keeps hips away
  • Scoop up their neck
  • Establish your grip (Ball and Socket Grip for example)
  • "Hang Them"
  • Drive hips forward
  • .... If you can, drive their tailbone into a wall. A group of people can feel like a wall as well.

Next in this Series

The Side Choke

A.K.A - Arm Triangle or Head and Arm Choke

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