Welcome to our Adult Co-ed Programs Page. We offer Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Classes or You could Specialize in Ground Combat or Stand-up. Make a Selection for More Information.

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All of our Teen Programs offer a 30 Day Free Trial! We also offer a Free uniform and a Free 1-on-1 Private Intro Lesson to get you started on the right track and keep our classes running smooth!

These are our TEEN ONLY programs. We have many more programs available but these are classes where Teenagers can train with other teenagers. It's a terrible experience to be in a program with 7 year olds or getting crushed by 30 year old men.

We all of these Teen (and adult programs for that matter) we offer VERY beginner friendly classes as well as advanced classes. Even the opportunity to compete against other trained athletes on our competition team. We have everything a student could want!

Remember that you could try us out for 30 Days Absolutely Free if you're not positive that we're the school for you!


Fresh Zebra Mats cleaned before grand opening in Keswick.

Here's a photo taken from the small mats at the back of our gym in Keswick after our Zebra Mats were cleaned. This picture is before the Grand opening. We now have Mats all over the Walls and a couple of other toys. 🙂

Rumble Martial Arts and Fitness in Keswick Ontario