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Dear Parents and/or Students,

I'm obviously very bias but I believe that EVERYONE should train Martial Arts just as everyone should learn how to swim.

One of the most common things I hear is, "I'm a lover, not a fighter". This is Fantastic! I have 3 kids of my own and I certainly don't want them to be mean people or known as the type of people at school that are "Fighters". I was also not a "Fighter" back in the day. I was an athlete that placed AAA Hockey for York Simcoe Express.

However, I've been involved in situations over the years that knowing how to defend myselve has come in very handy. I also worked security for 10 years and saw many College students come into the clubs late at night (by themselves) looking for fights. Many would either stand close to the dance floor waiting for someone to bump them or give patrons the "stink eye" from across the room and once a victim looked  at them the "What are you looking at!?" discussions would start and, although one of these people are 100% not looking for a fighter, one of them is and I hope the victim can defend themselves if they have to.

Martial Arts also gives you much more than the ability to defend yourself if you have to. Students start to carry themselves differently and this confidence makes them less likely to be a target and therefor less likely a fight will happen in the first place.

Other than that we teach and embody everything that one would think of when they think of a "Black Belt". Students learn respect, discipline, how to set and achieve goals, focus, athleticism, and much much more.

To get back to the "swimming analogy", you or your child many not have aspirations to be an Olympic swimmer but if a time every comes where, under no fault of their own, they "fall into the water without a life-jacket" then I hope they know how to swim. Or at least do a little dogie-paddle. 🙂

I hope very much to see you in our facility and on the road to Black Belt,


Adam Jones (One of the head instructors)

teen martial arts class at Rumble in Keswick.

Parents, Check Out These Frequently Asked Questions to Help You Out

  • 1

    Will Learning Combat Sports make my child aggressive?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT - The opposite will happen. This is one of the first things that concerned parents ask when they're note aware of the benefits of Combat sports. Training is a humbling experience and for most that are being overly aggressive it stems to a confidence issue or not having a proper outlet for their energy. Combat sports will give your child great confidence that will last a lifetime and, with that confidence, they'll carry themselves differently and not feel like they ever have to "prove something" when confronted. They will absolutely know how to defend themselves though. With regards to the second point, of a proper 'outlet", I always compare some (mostly boys) to field dogs. The kind of dogs that need to run. If you leave these dogs in a bachelor apartment every day they act out and destroy the furniture and eat your toilet paper :). Giving a safe and educational outlet is a healthy way to exercise and burn off energy. I've personally had many teen students attests to this. One of my favorites was a student named Kyle C. that said he would flip out at the drop of a hat when someone would say anything to him at a house party before training with us and now he can brush everything off and he doesn't care. It's like having the volume turned down on these things.

  • 2

    Do I Have to Come in for the Intro Lesson First (Parents too)

    Yes, the intro lesson lets the classes run smoother. Parents do need to be there to sign the waiver and they're welcome to stick around to watch the lesson and check out our 3,500 square foot facility.
    The Intro lesson is a great way for you and your child to see if the program is for you. We have many different programs and packages to choose from and the intro lesson lets us figure out the best and let you self-select the one that works best for you.
    We didn't use to do the intro lesson but we know every student appreciates it because when your child is in there training, we don't have to go over the basics over and over and over again every time a new student comes into the class. We do that in the intro lesson! 🙂
    We use to let new students just hop into a class and the class was always a clumsy/rushed version of everything often leaving new students confused. If there were two or more new students that popped into a class then the whole class was a write-off for everyone. We pride ourselves on how well our programs run and this plays a role in that.
    The intro lesson is a private lesson that lets your child see if they will like the program, ask any questions, meet the Coach and "hit the ground running". We do everything we can to set students up for success.

  • 3

    How Much is it?

    As mentioned above we have many different programs and, with each, many different packages to choose from so, when we go over everything with you, you can self-select the one that works best for you. We also offer a 30 Day Free Trial to check things out and, if at the end of 30 Days, you're not convinced this is the place for you then you can just walk away. Nothing to sign or buy.
    At the time of this writing we have 32 Programs to choose from; all with different packages.

  • 4

    Will My Child Get Hurt or Hit?

    This is a contact sport and injuries can take place but we are professional trainers and this is a very professional atmosphere. This is not a "fight club". We emphasize the Team and Family Atmosphere here at Rumble Martial Arts. All students will start out in a program to get them up to speed with their fitness and technical levels. In this program there is no excessive physical contact so your child will not get punched in the face. However, we do have programs beyond this that offer more sparring and contact which your child can be invited to (when they're ready). No student has to participate in these programs until they want to. We do have programs for everyone. 🙂

  • 5

    Can Girls Train Too?

    Absolutely YES! I absolutely love it when girls train because nothing illustrates the HIGH quality of these moves then when a tiny girl defeats a 350lbs man! 🙂 One of our current Coaches started with us when she was as a teenager and, over the years she's tapped out multiple guys over 250lbs, she defeated heavier guys in tournaments and even our tallest student who's 6'10. This girl is 127lbs. The martial art that we teach is THE BEST and #1 recommended martial art for girls around the world for Women's Self-defense. Please ask our instructor for additional details regarding this if you would like some history and details.... but YES, girls are very welcome and we have multiple girls in our programs.