7 Ways to Choke a Man Unconscious: #3

The Guillotine Choke

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The Guillotine Choke:

As I previously mentioned, it’s best to stay standing but if someone does throw you to the ground and you end up on your back this choke is even easier to finish. This is a choke I’ve used countless times over the years and has been used countless times in the UFC.

I’ve often referred to it as the “punchers chance” of submissions where a technically superior fighter shoots in for a take-down and the underdog snaps up a guillotine and wins big. My favorite example of this is Tito Ortiz (who was on a LONG losing streak). Tito had 1 last fight on his UFC contract and was set up to fight Ryan Baider. Ryan was a big up and coming fighter and Tito was being fed to Ryan to give him an easy big win from a big name in the sport. Ryan shot in to take Tito down to the ground and smash him and Tito scooped up a Guillotine and what made this so memorable was how happy Tito was in his celebration to finally get a win over someone, especially someone he was supposed to lose to before leaving the UFC.

Things like that make this choke magical to me. So many champions have won or lost because of this choke and it’s the kind of choke that a 100lbs girl could use to choke out a 200lbs man no problem.

This is a traditional Guillotine Choke and After we drill this a little bit, in another video, I show my number one secret with the guillotine choke that most either don’t know or don’t teach that is the only way I do this choke now and makes it almost impossible to defend.

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